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I purchased two tickets to a concert that was cancelled; gave me 7 days to return tickets back in order to receive a credit for the purchase. I sent the tickets back right away in the mail thinking that they would receive the tickets by their due date.

Two weeks after Ticketnow due date the tickets were "rejected" and I received them back in the mail. I called customer service and was told that I should have sent them by FedEx; there is nothing they can do to give me my money back since they did not receive before their due date.

Monetary Loss: $221.

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Here is my experience. I live in Honk-Kong, I went online to get some tickets for a spot event taking place which takes place in 10 months time. I found 6 tickets, all the website is in $, paid... and 15 days later when I received my credit card details, I found that they charched me in USD and not HKD (which is 10 times more than expected). They actually price the ticket exactly 10 times the real price which is exactly the foreign exchange rate ! All this exactly as a trap. The confirmation email doesn't say more than $.

So I call them up to explain the situation. They completly didn't care. I explained that because of the hight amount (5100 USD) I couldn't pay my rent and it is more than 1 month salary. Again they didn't care even better, they actually like the situation. When I start crying. They replied me bake "Have a nice day" and then hang up.

They are completly robbery. They never said sorry, they never said they will *at least* withdraw the announce. They don't care, and they like it.

I will go to the police at lease to report it. I hate them. I will have to move out of my flat because of them. I hate them.

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